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About Prohibition

Here at San Diego’s most elusive bar, Prohibition, we transport guests to another era, one in which the cocktails were works of art and the music a splendid, live event. At our secret bar, the adept bartenders, rapturous live music and hypnotic lighting foster an immersive 1920s experience that will take your breath away.

Simply head into the San Diego nightlife scene that the downtown Gaslamp District offers. On 5th Avenue, in close quarters to the bar and restaurant El Chingon, be on the lookout for our secret bar door.

Our Speakeasy Statutes
(Alas Yes, There are Rules)

If you thirst to enter our establishment, we do have a few statutes do abide by.

Yes, even at this elusive, San Diego speakeasy bar, which goes unaware by most people…there are rules. These are not just any commonplace regulations; these are the coveted decrees that maintain our chic, nostalgic atmosphere:


No cell phones at the bar


Drink with an open mind


No unsolicited advances on female patrons.
Keep things chivalrous and gentlemanly.


Dress code is enforced Friday and Saturday.
Help maintain the 1920s vibe with no sandals
or flip flops, shorts or ball caps. Thank you, kindly.

Entering: The Secret Bar Door

And remember, though this experience is reminiscent of a time in which indulging in spirits was unlawful…this makes the title on our 5th Avenue-facing door that much more amusing.

Look for the door to Eddie O’Hare’s Law Office. Once you find it, good sir or ma’am, please remember to flip the light switch on. We wouldn’t want you to be left out in the San Diego evening for too long.

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