Our Speakeasy Statutes
(Alas Yes, There are Rules)

If you thirst to enter our establishment, we do have a few statutes do abide by.

Yes, even at this elusive, San Diego speakeasy bar, which goes unaware by most people…there are rules. These are not just any commonplace regulations; these are the coveted decrees that maintain our chic, nostalgic atmosphere:


No cell phones at the bar


Drink with an open mind


No unsolicited advances on female patrons.
Keep things chivalrous and gentlemanly.


Dress code is enforced Friday and Saturday.
Help maintain the 1920s vibe with no flip flops, active wear,
shorts or ball caps. Cocktail attire/shirts are encouraged.
Gentlemen need to be in a collared shirt, pants, and closed-toe shoes.
Thank you, kindly.